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Artificial Grass

Looks and feels like real grass, without the hassle

various color display of artificial green grass

Artificial Grass

Fukai uses Imperial GrassTM – quality artificial grass that is specialized for use in garden landscaping.

With its uniform, bright green colouration, softness to the touch and natural V-shape that mimics the growth of normal grass, Imperial GrassTM has all the winning visual attributes of the real thing, minus the daily upkeep needed.

So.. Why choose Fukai?

stylish artificial grass formation
the kid in the middle of beautiful artificial green grass landscape
stairs covered with artificial grass

Low maintenance, long-lasting durability

Being more resilient to wear and tear than real grass and unaffected by weather changes, Imperial GrassTM will retain its aesthetic appeal longer with less care needed.

Its rapid drainage feature also allows for immediate use during rainy seasons.

artistic artificial grass in square formation

Cost-savvy alternative

Cotmpared to real grass, which requires routine watering and maintenance with lawn mowing, Imperial GrassTM will save you more money in the long run.

With our 8 years of warranty against degradation from UV light, you can be assured in having quality artificial grass.

Safer, cleaner, better

Artificial grass is cleaner than real grass and will not attract household pests.

Imperial GrassTM has been meticulously tested against quality and safety standards for possible dangers and health risks such as hazardous chemicals in its fibres and abrasions during skin contact. It is certified to be safe for use for all ages and offers protection against cuts, abrasions and falls.

artistic artificial grass and stone formation
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