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Bring home the resort experience and natural bliss with a scenic garden view or relaxing greenery

artistic rockscape and plantscape outside the building


We work with you to create your personal Eden

Select from European, Tropical or Oriental themes and features such as streams, waterfalls, stepping stones, mini bridges, wooden trellis and more. Or, tell us what you have in mind. From the ambience to each aesthetic element, we design to achieve a spa-like resort feel in a natural environment.

So.. Why choose Fukai?

artistic stepping stone landscape in a green grass
Custom-Design Garden Landscape

We are specialists

We are specialists in the art of landscaping, having developed our craft for over 30 years to our customers’ satisfaction. Our in-house team of landscape architects are experts at combining the right rockscape, waterscape and plantscape designs to bring your vision to life. We provide one stop landscape service for our customers which brings convenience and saves time for them.

soothing chinese bamboo in the garden

Return home to beautiful greenery, every day

Irrigation System

Irrigation System

We design your plantscapes to be self-sustainable with our advanced irrigation system.

With its automatic and timer settings, you can go on holidays without worrying about the garden plants or having to make special arrangements for their daily watering.
Lesser water is used compared to manual watering, which saves you precious time and money.

So.. Why choose Fukai?

meditation platform area with negative ion mist
Water Mist Outside The House

Cool Mist System

Stay refreshed, all year round

Besides ambient mist effects for your garden, our misting system will keep you cool in hot summer weather and soothe your senses with the negative ions produced.
Its automatic setting also lets you control the amount of mists to prevent your plants from drying out.

A sight to soothe the eyes

Vertical Greenery
vertical green artificial grass

Vertical Green

Fukai offers vertical green for efficient space design. Our vertical greenery solutions add a touch of nature to your home that will enliven the indoor or outdoor garden experience for family and visitors alike.
Durable in structure and designed with artistic appeal, our vertical planters can be fitted to the walls or roofs based on your preference.

So.. Why Fukai?

vertical green grass wall display

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