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Timber Decking

The New Wood® - Composite Timber Decking

Timber decking deck and artificial grass

Industrial experience in composite decking

Decking belongs to one of the hardscape product which Fukai® specialises in with more than 30 years of experience in Singapore, Fukai® is very familiar with the composite decking industry. Based on customer’s requirements, allocated project manager will recommend the best type of composite deck that suits the customer. Clients can also choose the colour of the composite decking based on their preference on the decking.
Call in and let us know your decking requirements and get a free consultation on which type of decking suit you the most.

Fukai® Timber Decking

Timber decking and wood designed furnitures
outdoor composite wood
composite timber decking pool edge

Lasting Composite Timber Deck

Apart from the composite timber deck durable construction, our 15 years limited warranty on composite decking assures you get to enjoy a longer lasting deck.

Co-extruded timber decking

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Why composite wood for timber decking

Our composite timber decking is a great alternative to real wood with its natural-looking colours and attractive grain patterns.
Our composite timber deck is specially designed with a list of features that make it perfect for use in landscaping:
- No paint maintenance on composite decking
- Our composite decking is less scratch and stain-resistant
- Termite-free
- Anti-slip composite decking surface
- Durable through wear and weather
- Composite deck has minimal water absorption ensures no rotting
- Less thermal expansion and colour fading


Usage of composite decking

Composite decking is versatile and looks great in any setting. Whether you are using it for pool decking or patio decking, it will add definite sophistication in the surrounding. Moreover, our composite decking is long-wearing, safe and eco-friendly. Composite deck is also splinter-free which is safe for use with children or pets

composite decking with swimming pools

Composite timber decking trend

Over the years, there is an increasing number of composite decking sold in the market compared to timber decking. This is because composite decks require nearly zero maintenance compared to timber decks. On the other hand, the tree age that are used for timber decking is getting relatively younger due to over harvesting. This compromise the structure integrity of the timber deck severely. However, there is still older trees that are good enough to be made into timber decking in the market but it is very expensive and rare. Buyers might be tricked into buying decking that are much younger than what they were told. Contrarily, the raw materials for composite decking is almost unlimited. This ensure the stability and quality of the composite decking compared to timber decking

Composite timber decking with lounger

USP of The New Wood® decking

Fukai® uses co-extruded composite timber decking from The New Wood®, an Australian company. The New Wood® is a reputable company in Australia, they won several awards for their timber decks which is reflected on their website. Co-extruded wood is one of the better composite timber decking in terms of stability and longer lifetime. Fukai® is the sole distributor for The New Wood® composite decking in Singapore.

Composite Decking

composite timber decking with flooring tiles
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