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Koi Pond

Koi pond construction for lasting enjoyment

A symbol of prosperity and docile in nature, having a good koi pond and beautiful koi will relax and entertain you and your family.

Koi Fishes Swimming in a koi pond

Customized solutions and ready-made koi ponds

Fukai’s koi ponds are designed with artistic detail to complement the living space and built to maintain the health and beauty of your koi for many years ahead. Our manufacturing ability enables us to customize your koi pond the way you want it to be.

Why Fukai koi pond?

relaxing custom-made koi pond
koi pond with cascading water feature
Triple layer koi pond with koi fishes

Guaranteed crystal clear water koi pond

Our koi ponds are fitted with the latest filtration features for long-lasting, clean water:
- Vortex self-cleaning system in koi pond
- Biological filter
- Settlement chamber in koi pond filter
- Gravity feed skimmer
- Venturi air jet
- Backwash bottom drain

outdoor koi ponds with water feature

Fukai provides a lifetime warranty on your koi pond

With our vortex self-cleaning system, you no longer need to clean the koi pond yourself, or change the water as frequently.
Our biological filter in the koi pond comes with a lifetime warranty and contains waste, vacuum and algae removal functions which effectively keep your koi pond ecologically balanced, guaranteeing you crystal clear water for life.

Uniquely designed for total waste elimination in your koi pond

We are the sole contractor in Singapore to receive the awards for Hygienic Koi Pond and Crystal Clear Water since our incorporation.

We design our koi ponds to be hassle-free for your long-term use. Waste is accumulated over time and is found in three types – floating debris, waste that is mixed in with the water, and sediment waste at the bottom of the koi pond. Unlike other filtration systems in the market, we have specifically designed ours to target the removal of all three types.

7 koi fish in koi pond
koi pond with water feature

Vortex self-cleaning system in koi pond

In the biological filtration system, there is also a “pond toilet” and fish waste cartridge which stores the waste of the fishes. When a backwash (cleaning of koi pond waste) occurs, a vortex phenomenon will happen. The vortex phenomenon is also a self-cleaning system itself, which can consolidate 99.9% of the waste and dirt from fishes waste cartridge and first chamber and wash out from the pond in one go. This phenomenon will only work if the side feed, skimmer and venture air jet are strategically placed and with the help of calculated gradient base in the koi pond filter.
This made the koi pond much cleaner compared to other type of pond backwash system. This backwash function can also be easily done by owners themselves too. Therefore, Fukai is able to provide life time guaranteed on crystal clear water on their koi pond.

koi fishes in koi pond

Filter chamber in biological filter koi pond

There is 3 layer of filter chamber in our koi pond system.
The first chamber in the koi pond is settlement chamber. As the name suggest, the heavy solid waste and dirt are settled down and kept in the first filter chamber of the koi pond . This prevent solid waste from choking up the koi pond system
The second and third filter chamber filter out smaller waste, dirt and liquid before returning the water to the koi pond.


Bacteria in biological filter koi pond

In the biological filter chamber, we have a bacteria breeding house which breed proactive nitrifying bacteria. When fish waste decomposed in the filter chamber, it releases free ammonia NH3, ammonium NH4, Nitrite NO2- and nitrate NO3- which the bacteria is fed on. This naturalise the acidity and alkalinity in the koi pond which made koi fishes safe just like the ocean works. Thus, creating an eco-balance cycle in your koi pond. This is a long-term solution and requires less maintenance by the owner.

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