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Garden Turf™ 40mm Synthetic Grass (Boreal40)

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Garden Turf™ uses premium quality latex backing, stitch materials to produce artificial grass. Garden Turf™ is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage, fire resistant and it is completely safe for pets and children. Garden Turf™ uses recyclable materials and is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Boreal is from Garden Turf™ under landscape artificial carpet grass category. Boreal has a softer touch in the landscape category compared to others. Boreal40 has a pile height of 40mm, this makes Boreal40 stand out in Boreal series as it appears very dense. It has a uniform green and light brown synthetic thatch gives it an additional natural aura.

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  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Odorless and non-toxic
  • Children and pets friendly
  • Good Weather resistance
  • Perfect skin protection
  • Unique Design for durable
  • Swing in the wind
  • No glare, cooling by water retention
  • High Density, Evergreen & Natural, Long-lasting, Low Maintenance
  • Durable wearing and dense multipurpose grass
  • High quality materials used; offers a more genuine and softer touch
  • Perfect lawn all the year round
  • Anti-fading yarn; UV stabilized
  • Thicker sturdy backing with drainage
  • Mowing and watering free
  • No pesticides and fertilizers required
  • Easy to cut and install
  • Can be glued/pegged down or used loose laid



 High quality materials

  • 2 x Monofil PE
  • 2 x Curled PP

 Pile Height

 40 mm

 Machine Gauge

 3/8 inch

 Pile Weight

 1.2 kg/m2

 Total Weight

 2.5 kg/m2

 Tufted Density (d/M2)


 Stitch Rate (/10cm)


 Backing Glue

  • PP
  • net cloth
  • SBR latex

 Yarn Denier (dtex)



 4 Natural Color

 Total Weight


 Fire Resistance Test

 16 CFR 1630

 Heavy Metal Test

 REACH 1907/2006

 Flooring Radiant Panel Test 

 ASTM E 648-14

 Colour Fastness Test

 BS EN ISO 105-B02:1999

 Hole Diameter


 Water Drainage

 30 inches per hour per square yard

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