Why Fukai water feature?

Fukai’s catalogue offers a wide variety of water features. With over 100 ready-made designs ranging from European, Zen, Balinese, Egyptian, tropical styles and more. Custom made water features are also available to cater to different types of customers.

With a factory showroom located in Singapore, Woodlands, Fukai is the only company capable of providing quick custom made water feature and pond services.

Every water feature that Fukai manufactures is extremely durable, taking durability into account, Fukai makes sure that the design of our water features is both pleasing to the eye and able to take different forces such as tension, compression, stress and even bending. This results in a long lasting & beautiful water feature for your home.

Fukai has been awarded several times for its unique and artistic designs for it water feature. Our water feature designs have also been recognised and fancied by both customers and designers. Being a modern company, Fukai’s design leans toward modern, clean cut and resort designs.


Aside from the production of the water features itself, Fukai believes in giving these water features a special name as well. In the sense that water features are given names that are associated to Chinese blessings. This is because Fukai hopes that in other than the water feature product, customers would be able to bring blessings home as well. From this example, we can see that Fukai’s water features has cultural values while having modern design.

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